Precision Gears for Worldwide Industries

Rochester Gear, Inc., serves a variety of industries across the world from our facility in Rochester, NY. Our gears aid the military, trains, planes, space equipment, and more. We are proud to keep industries functioning, and innovation thriving by providing precision gears to businesses worldwide.

We Offer Many Capabilities

Power Tools

Our gears are supplied to various companies in the construction industry that produce grinding tools, drilling machines, and saws.


Our gears are supplied to several companies in the industrial world. Our customers produce the following products: power tools for professional and consumer use, mixing equipment, machinery, pumps, copiers, fastening systems, and gearboxes.


Rochester Gear is involved with various companies that produce transmissions and differentials for the automotive market. Although we produce production parts, we are also very involved with prototype projects. We can provide the prototype service that customers require to meet their project goals of quality and service.


Our gears are found in the Abrams Tank and several robots used by military and law enforcement organizations. The gears need to meet stringent requirements for quality, and reliability to keep our military and first responders out of harm’s way.


We supply gears to companies producing blood analyzing machines and sample holding rings. We have produced gears for surgical instruments as well as x-ray machines.


Our gears are found in railroad switches, railroad signal devices, and instrumentation in locomotives. We are proud to provide an essential component to keep trains running.


We supply gears to companies that produce components for airplanes. We also supply gears to a company that provides airplane cargo equipment.

Business Machines

Gears are supplied to a diverse customer base that produce products for packaging equipment, tape feeders, material handling, agriculture equipment, food processing, screw machines, turning machines, etc.

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