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Swiss Turning

Swiss machining for the production of small, intricately shaped parts in Rochester, NY

As part of our comprehensive lineup of machining capabilities, Rochester Gear offers high-accuracy Swiss machining for the production of small, intricately shaped parts. Along with an exceptional degree of design freedom, our multi-function Swiss-type lathes allow for high-accuracy and high-productivity machining with very close tolerances. With 20 mm diameter bar feed capacity, we Swiss-machine round, square, triangular, and hex-shaped parts with a variety of features, including cross-holes, flats, slots, and more. We can perform broaching and slotting as well as mill, cut, and tap complicated thread profiles while achieving a sustained level of precision.

We draw on the power and flexibility of our multi-tasking Swiss-type lathes to manufacture parts quickly and economically. Our machining staff analyzes your drawings, solid models, and other manufacturing data to program the sequence of shaping operations, choose the best cutting tools, and determine the optimal setup for maximum efficiency. We work with a comprehensive selection of metals — along with standard metals such as aluminum, steel, and steel alloys, we produce Swiss-machined parts from high-temperature, high-performance types and grades. Our expertise also extends to working with many different types and grades of plastic polymers. Operating with a high degree of automation, our Swiss-type lathes can run lights-out to keep up with demanding production and delivery schedules.